Month: January 2022

6 Sleep mantras for the insomniacs

Dr Neelam Batra-Verma I have been suffering from insomnia for almost two decades now. While in college, I remember sleeping like a log. Even if an earthquake shook the house or the sound of tsunami, or a storm pounded my hostel room all night, nothing, absolutely nothing could wake me up. Only my alarm, which …

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Social Media – A big motivator

  A 365 day challenge with Mother Earth Remember March 2020, when the scare of a new infectious disease COVID-19 was at its peak, when suddenly thousands of people were dying of this new epidemic never heard of before when the entire world had shut down and most of us were asked to hide behind …

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Black and Blue Sari

Black and Blue Sari Black and Blue Sari is the first book the author, Kamal Dhillon has ever written. She doesn’t know, there may or may not be more to come. She talked to the editor of TAOM at length about her book and the circumstances that led to her first attempt at creativity. It …

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