Dr Neelam Verma

Inspiring Novelist and Award-Winning Author

I am like your next-door neighbor, who you would hardly see unless, the weather changes and there is an overnight dump of snow and then you can catch me clearing the driveway. Or I can be seen a couple of times in the summer, cleaning my little yard and working on my little kitchen garden. Other than that, I hide away behind my laptop, writing away, imagining an event in someone else’s life or putting words on paper, read computer, on my nighty imaginations.Or playing with my oil paints.


I am an insomniac and every night I spend hours, trying to fall asleep. But till I actually fall asleep, my brain is at work, thinking about the next chapter of my book weaving a story, or thinking back on the number of articles I have done in all 30 years of journalism, thinking about the whereabouts of that victim I had written about long ago or just meditating.

I am a Canada based writer who has been writing professionally for about 30 years and published thousands of articles in national and international mainstream newspapers, magazines as well as producing news bulletins for a 24-hour News channel in India – JAIN TV. I am among the first few who started a health bulletin in the country, before the concept caught on. Despite earning a Doctorate degree in Forensic Science, I continued with my passion of writing and took up journalism as a career, writing on crime, social and political issues till I moved to Vancouver with my family in 2002. After working for print and electronic media for decades in India and Canada, I successfully published and edited the first Hindi magazine in Canada. However, this is my first attempt at fiction based on true events.

Painting was a childhood hobby, which I had to put on the back burner when my kids were born and I had the onerous responsibility of painting their futures. Now that they are old enough to be on their own, I have now gone back to painting, almost relearning everything I had learned before, not in a class but by trial and error. And of course, the now famous Youtube which seems to be a panacea of all problems.


Awards And Nominations

I studied to be a Forensic Scientist but decided to pursue my passion of writing. I started with working as a trainee reporter at the Free Press Journal way back in 1990 and then moved to other media outlets like Rashtriya Sahara and then working as a News Producer for JAIN TV. I got the opportunity to produce the first Health bulletin in India.

I also worked for Indian Express as the Metro Reporter along with freelancing in various other media outlets.After moving to Canada, I realized that there was no Hindi publication available. Though there were many Punjabi community based newspapers, but none in Hindi. There was a demand for Hindi language publications and therefore I jumped at the opportunity. I successfully published The Asian Outlook Magazine for about six years when I called it a day, as I wanted to go out and do something else. Publishing and editing my own publication, was on my bucket list and I am happy I successfully accomplished that.After taking up a full time job, that keeps me busy most of the time, I took to writing as my part-time vocation. I still write for community-based newspapers like The Link newspaper, Desibuzz etc. in Vancouver. Of course, now I am on my second fiction now.

  • 1990-1992 - Free Press Journal
    Trainee Reporter

    Exciting opportunity to work with the elite of the media

  • 1992-1993 - Indian Express
    Metro Reporter

    Used my Forensic education to write crime stories

  • 1993-1998 , Senior Correspondent
    Rashtriya Sahara Magazine

    Excellent opportunity to write freely on various issues I have been passionate about like Women, Children, Health, LGBT, social and other burning issues of the time.

  • 1999-2001 - News Producer

    Every minute of the day was exciting as working in a 24-hour news channel kept me on my toes throughout the day. Was the first in the country to produce a Medical Bulletin in English.

  • 2005-2012 - Editor/Publisher
    The Asian Outlook Magazine

    Published the first Hindi magazine in Canada. Passion is the mission and therefore publishing the magazine was a passion which I accomplished solely with the help of my husband and family.

  • 2012-2018 - Author/freelancer/blogger

    1971 : A War Story