Mom, you never came for me

Mom, you never came for me

Every day I waited for you

Day, night and morning;

Mom you never came for me

And now you are in mourning.

They snatched me from you

When you were still nursing;

To kill the Indian in me,

But that was just the beginning.

Used, abused and tortured

Electrocuted, assaulted and sick;

I was hungry, cold and battered

Yet, you never came for me.


Mother, father, granny and brother;

I talked to you every night;

Through the stars and the moon

That one day, you know my plight.


Tears of blood I cried

To come home, I sincerely tried.

I sneaked out in the middle of the night

Could not gauge the river’s might.


Now under the soil we lay;

In peace and harmony;

We are Angels in the sky

Please keep away from acrimony.


Keep us in your memories

But please don’t cry and sweat;

We wish you all the best; lets move on,

Try to forgive and forget.